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Institute of prostitutes existed in Japan for many centuries. So, for example, the singer Rina, Nakanishi[ja] (alias — Rico Yamaguchi and ERI Takamatsu (alias — Risa Tachibana[ja]) came into porn after the resignation of popular girl pop group AKB48[4]. In the 1980-ies to market pornographic video broke "pink" films. "Female sexuality could not go hand in hand with motherhood," wrote a Japanese scholar, the incident happened Arig. The TV show Gilgamesh Night begins airing on TV Tokyo, and many former AV actresses appear as regulars: Ai Iijima, Reiko Hayama, Asami J?, Miku Kawakami, Rina Kitahara and Youko Yazawa. ".

Japanese official (Confucian) culture denounced love as a blind passion, but is controlled by the consciousness of sex such indignation is not aroused. In Japan the dominant religion is Shinto, which does not consider a sexual relationship is sinful and not prohibit it. "Female sexuality could not go hand in hand with motherhood," wrote a Japanese scholar, the incident happened Arig.

In 1883 a law was passed prohibiting the keeping of concubines. However, at this time, "mature women" models in AVs became increasingly popular. [24]Actress Rie Miyazawa"s shashinshuu (photo book) Santa Fe, released in November 1991, was one of the first photo books to take advantage of the lifting of the long-standing ban on the showing of pubic hair. They refer to similar results in Denmark and Germany. Thus in legal system of prostitution was abolished In November 1951 80 women"s organizations at the initiative of the women"s Christian temperance societies created the Council against the revival of the system of licensed prostitution Spit sado fukkatsu kahiki) and started a movement for the transformation of the Imperial Ordinance No. Quite peculiar to chastity approached and aristocrats who did not condemn the woman if her first man became more and more influential people. [43] "Hea nuudo" (or "Hair nudes") in photography became commonplace, but the ban remained in place for AVs. The production companies are typically charged ¥1. The American occupation after the defeat of Japan in world war II resulted in not only a successful reform, but also brought with them the influence of Western mass culture, in particular erotic magazines such as Playboy.

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